Jungwon, KIM

Media Designer

Do not hesitate to contact with me, if you have any project in mind. 


Hi~ My name is Jungwon Kim.  I am a multidisciplinary designer & a creative director. I consider myself a designer who works in a lot of different fields, ranging from traditional graphic design, and brand identity to being more focused on interactive projects across different media.

My design sensibilities are mainly inspired by traditional graphic design, print design and I have a deep affections for typography.

Lately, I’m thinking about how to make content accessible to everyone, and how to create designs that serve people’s experience and emotions.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing companies and teams over the last ten years including Samsung, LG, CJ and Amway to name a few. Here are some examples of work done during that period.

Currently Working

  • PyeongChang2018 평창동계올림픽
  • Cheil Idea Festival 제일기획
  • MMCA 국립현대미술관
  • Today’s Library 국립중앙도서관


  • Samsung Global Newsroom 삼성
  • Heyday 라이나생명
  • Cashslide 캐시슬라이드
  • Joefresh 조프레시코리아
  • AXA Direct Korea 악사다이렉트코리아
  • CJ Celebshop CJ오쇼핑
  • SEACRET 시크릿다이렉트코리아
  • ONNURY 온누리교회
  • MEPSI 엘지생활건강
  • INNOIO 이노아이오
  • Amway ON 암웨이코리아

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